God raised Jesus from the dead
Our strength – our life was on His head
Raising us to newfound heights – our bodies defying gravity
My heart – my soul renewed by peace – His peace – my peace

Together in Christ – access to God
Hard to envision – as this Earth I trod
True to His Word – His grace covering me
Thanksgiving and joy – expunging me – O sinner He’s met your plea

Never give up – God is at work encouraging you
Every thought He has for you – a thought for good – personal too
Pain and anguish dog my tracks – He knows my world is painful
He knows that heaven is where He is and soon I’ll be with Him

Troubles give an air of permanence – don’t be fooled they come and go
Salvation is forever – it never weakens or wanes
Keeping our eyes upon Jesus – this world is passing by
His love is lasting – His presence permanent – you are the apple of His eye

2 Corinthians 4: 14 We know that God, who raised the Lord Jesus, will also raise us with Jesus and present us to himself together with you. 15 All of this is for your benefit. And as God’s grace reaches more and more people, there will be great thanksgiving, and God will receive more and more glory. 16 That is why we never give up. Though our bodies are dying, our spirits are being renewed every day. 17 For our present troubles are small and won’t last very long. Yet they produce for us a glory that vastly outweighs them and will last forever! 18 So we don’t look at the troubles we can see now; rather, we fix our gaze on things that cannot be seen. For the things we see now will soon be gone, but the things we cannot see will last forever.


What a year-tumor and all

At least we got past our deductible

Tragically at your expense-two times under the knife-three times rehab

Stronger mentally and physically

You dealt with the set-back with courage and tenacity


Today your recovery is well in hand-preparing for that third rehab

Already plotting your escape – doing your own thing

Without all those people helping you

Back to the salt mines-serving, leading and taking care of your family

This is SOP for you, this is who you are and you do it so well


What a vista, what a view, 48 years living with you

I’m where I am because of you-serving God-loving you

What I do requires an accomplice-that would be you

How I’ve done it demands support, correction, encouragement, demands

That would also be you-thank you-you complete me-you and the Lord shaped me


Our lives are so intertwined it’s hard to tell where you stop and I begin

I love you, you love me, together we have fought the good fight

Continuing we look to the future-the Lord has us here still

But one day it will change-prayerfully we will both still be here

Walking into the future, knowing the truth-Jesus Christ


Blessed with three children and three spouses, three beautiful grandchildren

Blessed to live committed to the Lord

Blessed to be serving still together

Blessed to have wonderful friends and a wonderful place to serve

Blessed with life and joy and peace-thank you Jesus


Forty-eight is a big number, but now we are looking to forty-nine

I can’t imagine doing this without you, thank you, I am so grateful

Our life has been an amazing ride across nearly five decades

Vacations, sabbatical, family, ups and downs all make up our trip

Today is the first day of the rest of our life-thank you Carol for loving me


I love you with all my heart-our prayer time has blessed me so consistently

Jesus is here with us-the Lord keeps every tear we have shed in his tear bottle

We have had so many wonderful times that far out shadow the challenges

Thank you for being the best wife anyone could ever have

Jesus is Lord, He loves both of us and I love you

CLAY CORVIN    9/14/16

WHO SAYS? Psalm 130-Guilt Free Living


Who says I’m not guilty, I feel it every day, my mind reels, my heart feels
I eat too much, I don’t pray like I should, I gossip, tell jokes, guilty as charged
Oh Lord I feel so guilty, I just want to hide my head, my worry quotient is thru the roof
How can I be a good servant? Who can use me? I’m no paragon of virtue Lord help me

Who says I’m guilty, everything is cool as far as I’m concerned, oh I do a few things
But I’m not like them and those, I’m quick to apologize if I’m offensive, I’m not so bad
Certainly don’t gossip like her or him, I’m not such a bad person
I know I could do better but life is hard, I’m just trying to get bye, I’m not so bad

Two types of relevant guilt, neither surrendered to the Father,
One guilty of daily things, the other oblivious to guilt
Jesus redeems us, Forgives us, corrects us, as we get to know Him our guilt shows
Our heart knows, against thee O Lord I have sinned, against thee and thee alone

Hear my cry O Lord, listen to me as I speak, I’m in need of forgiveness for my evil
You Lord are the only one that can help me, I’m in need of prayer and redemption
My sin is heart deep and offensive to the Father in every way, Help me O Lord
Forgive me and bring me into your family, Jesus, Jesus, Jesus, forgive me

The world says life is hard then you die, I’m desperate Father for you
Jesus says that all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God
But Christ died to save us from our sin and I sure need saving Lord
The Cross event, the resurrection, the redemption of mankind, Lord include me

Every day I need you, O Lord I need you, Guide my feet in your way
This day speak to my heart Lord, forgive me of my sinful ways
I wander and wobble in daily things, forgetting the Lord is my thing
Write your words on my heart Jesus that I might not sin against you

There is power in the presence of the Lord, Come and be with me Jesus
Redemption visits me daily, cleanse me from sin, Bring me in to your presence Lord
This is the day the Lord has made and I will rejoice and be glad in it
Focus my mind and heart on you, lead me in the everlasting way

Now Lord I know you and I want to shout it from the rooftops, o sinner know the Lord
With Jesus there is much forgiveness, more than enough to deal with your sin
In Christ alone is our fount of wisdom, mercy, grace and forgiveness
Jesus loves me, this I know, for the Bible tells me so in a million ways

Clay Corvin September 3, 2016




A new place, a new chance to grow, a new opportunity to see with new eyes

This place, this event, just a few days in a long life

Be there, in heart, in body, in soul

Prepare your mind, do not fear, the strength of God is with you


Lord give us today’s bread, walking new streets, odd sounds

There is a sound I know, slower here, the day ticks by

Another place, another sight, all under the Father’s purview


Do not worry about tomorrow, record today’s events, they will change you

You don’t want to forget, those things that were heaven sent

Clattering through your mind, a sign, a sense, a smell

They will build your inner strength, making you more than you were

You have a chance to change the world, keep ahold of your moorings


A new bed, room, food, people

New paths, challenging work

A respite before seeing things you’ve only dreamed of, each morning new


Time will go fast, learn all you can

We are not promised tomorrow, what you journal will live

Think about your reactions, what do they tell about you?

Be on the alert, new is too often dangerous

But carefully it becomes you


Then home again, prepared, excited, joy

The familiar for one day is new, oh how wonderful it looks

You know what it means to miss your home place


That’s how new goes

It is here only for a moment, then it becomes common

The one who can see the wonder of the common, that one will win

Winning is just another part of the ordinary, we can do it all the time

It demands that we live with joy, peace, and Christ-He is our light and life


Clay Corvin   – August 15, 2016



Mike believed the Lord and was gloriously saved
He is not ashamed of the Gospel-and speaks God’s Word
He never got over his salvation-He was committed to share with everyone
Life for all – Deliverance for the captives was his belief
Mike is a friend of God – People count with him

He loves his family – desperately, devotedly, completely
The children are lovingly cared for and
Mike’s wife Jeanne is his beloved-His partner in life
Together they fight the good fight-deal with the impossible
They pray and work and trust – their faith their life

When Mike shares the Gospel the demons run
So many times I’ve seen him share with power and strength
Grown men ask for deliverance and Mike tells them of Jesus
He is a soldier of the highest order-fearless, faithful and beloved of God
Mike has labored long and hard in the Father’s Garden-useable to the very end

He believed the Gospel was for everyone
It is practical, powerful and persistent
It helps us work through the heartache of life
It reveals the foolishness of the self-life
We are equipped by the Gospel to know Jesus Christ-Mike believed that

These are perilous times-Jesus is coming soon
The transforming power of the Gospel guided Mike step by step
Mike reached out to those around him without any airs
He was a real man who loved those he was with
You were his flock, you are loved, Mike is a friend of God

Clay Corvin August 14, 2016





Today is like every day, I need you Lord, I am desperate for You

Harsh events, life prints, leave me struggling, struggling to grow

Willingly I bend my knee to worship You, my heart beats with anticipation of your voice


Used and worn, life is overwhelming me, I am desperate for You

Wash sin out of my life, cleansing me from the dust and strife of living a Holy Life

Overcome my wayward ways, I’m so selfish too often, Lord speak and I will listen


Heated heart striving to be near You, Lord I am desperate for You

Impossible dreams wafting through my soul, All of life grabbing hold, I’m here Lord

I am seeking to be useful to You Lord, to those with me, to those I love


Again it seems life and everything is stacked against me, I am desperate for You

Many thoughts propel me, hear my cry, the things that mitigate success, rescue me Father

Faces in the crowd condemn me, those with me lift me up, the Godly seek me out


My expectation of a partner is nil, you Lord only you, I am desperate for You

Training me so young, the illusion that I am free, I am chained to You Lord, You Lord

Growth comes slowly, then quickly, I’ve so much to learn, Help me be Yours


So now a new day begins, the long watch of the night, I am desperate for You

Expectations are running high, is that me, I’m scared, it’s so new, fearsome

Then in a clear small voice you speak, I AM with you, do not be afraid


Yes, Lord I hear you speak, my heart jumps, my soul rejoices, I am desperate for You

Knowing You are here as I struggle, suffer and recover, life has real meaning in You

Receive my many praises Lord, You are great and mighty and I love You, You Lord, I love You


Once again a new day dawns, time flies, it causes me to be anxious, I am desperate for You

Time is renewed in You, eternity beckons day by day, You Lord are my refuge, my strength, my joy

To be with you Lord is to have peace, to know I’m on the right track, praise God from whom all blessings flow


This is the day the Lord has made and I will rejoice therein, I am desperate for you

I live one day at a time, His presence gladly accepted, gratefully and joyously received

You Lord are my life my all, You Lord are all I need, Thank you Lord, Thank you

Clay Corvin  August 3, 2016

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Real people connect, respect and listen
They aren’t trying to impress you
They value you – a person uniquely created by God
In the image of the Lord
One who can bend the knee to Jesus and live in His righteousness

Community is important with real people
No lone rangers in the kingdom
We are brothers and sisters of Christ
He is our elder brother and we are God’s children
The Father is our Father-The Holy Spirit indwells each of us

Real people live no excuse lives
They look out for those around them
They serve and serve and serve
The needy have a place in their heart
They stand with the community of Christ to help the helpless

They are an example to follow
Women submit to their husband in marriage, not society
Husbands submit to Christ-He died for the church
But women and men have the same standing with Christ
They are servants first and leaders second

Becoming is their mantra
Becoming more like Jesus day by day
Dealing with sin in their life
Standing up under pressure
Whining and moaning are set Aside-Jesus died for them-they die for Him

Sin is rooted out whenever it rears its ugly head
Hands, feet and mind have been trained to rush to sin-now they must be retrained
Real people fight their sin and submit it to Jesus
He will equip them, He will enable them, they must turn from their sin
You aren’t weak, too often just lazy in dealing with sin-root it out

Real people submit to Jesus
Their life, their activities, their heart
They become His hands and feet in their community
Sacrifice and service to the Lord and to their fellow man
Vengeance belongs to God, Their life is in submission to Jesus to serve the Father

The world never changes
Real people are constantly changing, Becoming more like Jesus,
Testing, checking, equipping, encouraging, enabling
Prayer is their first defense; the Bible helps them grow in Godliness
Jesus constantly their companion, He is Lord, He is God’s everything

Clay Corvin July 16, 2016



I’ve been thinking about this all week. As I’ve upped and downed this has weighed on my mind and my heart. After several conversations out of the blue with staff members and me chiming in with thoughtful, insightful (quite ironic) suggestions the Lord pointed the finger of guilt at me.

1 Timothy 4:7-10 7 Have nothing to do with godless myths and old wives’ tales; rather, train yourself to be godly. 8 For physical training is of some value, but godliness has value for all things, holding promise for both the present life and the life to come. 9 This is a trustworthy saying that deserves full acceptance. 10 That is why we labor and strive, because we have put our hope in the living God, who is the Savior of all people, and especially of those who believe.

I’ve struggled with physical training since I completed my Army service. I am a devoted workaholic, to the point of ignoring my own spiritual training. At this point in my life it is time that I began to assess and faithfully deal with my own PERSONAL GODLINESS. If I don’t I will regret it. Everyday is a challenge and I need to face that challenge of growth in Godliness as I deal with my work, my study, my writing and all other aspects of personal relationships.


I am responsible for the way I live my life
I can’t duck behind an addiction or oversight
Mindless activity does not absolve me
Worldly endeavors must not absorb my time
Life is winding down quickly
Time is of the essence
Do it now is my theme song-DO IT NOW

I will focus on the things of God
All found in the person of Jesus Christ
I want to know Him better
My conversation with Him will be detailed
First I must bring the needy before Him
Second is my own personal sinfulness
Sin is real, it is deep, it is pervasive, Lord cleanse me

Heaven is just ahead
I don’t know what it will be like but I know it will be wonderful
Jesus will be there and I will praise Him now to deepen my praise then
Jesus will be the focus of my existence there-I will make it my focus now
Everything I do must be weighed in the sight of the Father
Lord give me spiritual eyes that I might see your activity
You Lord Jesus will be at the center of all I do

My hope is in Jesus
Bible reading will be done with an awareness of its focus on Jesus
Daily prayers will be said in light of His presence-I will say it to His face
My actions will be reviewed in the presence of the Father-no excuses
Therefore I will keep short accounts of sin and confess them immediately
I want to strive to become like Jesus – more like Jesus everyday in every way

Clay Corvin 7/13/16



Today, this moment I am stressed
The world has overwhelmed me
I am in need Lord, cleanse my heart
Create in me a kind spirit, confident, whole

I know that wherever I am YOU are
My life, my actions, me-I am under your scrutiny
Your SPIRIT in my is a positive force
A force for goodness and kindness

When you Oh Lord are in control
I am a force for right and good
Your right, Your good
People count in my heart and in my words

Everything you do towards me is good
You love me with a depth and breadth that is breathtaking
All of the minutes of my daily life are valuable
Govern me in such a way that I express You in me

All power is in my mind
It is available all the time
Your strength, your peace is available
I choose, help me Father to constantly choose you

The world is a cesspool and I am passing through
Guide me, equip me, use me
That I might be a helper, an encourager
No matter the state I am in – Make me again like You

You oh Lord, provided my life
Every breath I take, every move I make is a gift from You
Help me today Father to claim my image
Speak Your truth into me-I choose YOU

Clay Corvin 6/30/16



Trouble comes, unbidden, unwanted, yet still it comes
Bad decisions, others decisions, good decisions and hard times
Trouble has a way of showing up on its own, nothing we did
Even when we are doing God’s will, suddenly we are in harm’s way
Trouble rears its ugly head, we nearly drown from its onslaught

There may be no good answer to why trouble comes, although that is a valid question
We only see life from our perspective, God’s activity eluding us
We are persuaded by our faith that God is true, He is perfect and we can rely on Him
We read his word, He is alive in us moving us, giving us faith and our faith grows
Now today I am overwhelmed but when the morning comes the Son will shine and I will be free
I know this by faith right now, He will never leave me, one day face to face I will see Him

Jesus made us, He knows each one of us as if there were no other of us
He is Lord, Lord of all and Lord of me, His precious blood redeemed me
Forever I belong to Him, this world is passing away but my faith is leading me to Him
He is the giver of faith, I read, I pray, I experience His presence, I remember His miracles
I grow, I believe, I know that I know that I know, Jesus Lord and Savior You have me
Jesus has called me for a purpose, He uses me, I obey Him, He will not let me go

We are not alone, Jesus is here, in the midst of our trouble, Christ is with us
He is our refuge, a present help, we can talk with Him, know Him more
We pull closer to Jesus in the midst of our woes, we pour out our hearts and He hears us
Jesus died for us, His life is absolute and complete, He knows all about us
The end is as the beginning to Jesus, nothing is hidden from Him, still He loves us
Noting can separate us from Him, nothing can cause us to be cast away, Jesus loves me

My mind cannot comprehend eternity, neither can I understand His activity
I am experiencing trouble, the Lord will weave this trouble into the time of my life
He says that every thought He has for me is a thought for good, I believe this
By faith I walk forward, the pain and agony is real and hurts, I keep walking
I know that one day this too will pass, that the Lord never wastes a hurt
Out of this experience He will give me more faith, I will know Him better, praise the Lord
Clay Corvin 6/25/16