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Change is a process, difficult, elusive and hard to do
The universe is aligned against us, it’s called sin, we lose
Yet there is a way before us, hard but profitable
It begins with Jesus, He is God’s everything, He is calling you

We all have a lost façade, formed by sin, no one is exempt
The walking dead, that’s who we were, far from God
But now in Jesus, we have been brought near, He is our salvation
Forgiveness for our sin, provider of our righteousness

No longer at the mercy of the world, we are new creatures in Christ
So, change is what we do, it is a process, difficult, elusive and hard
But, we can do it, if we put our soul to it, surrender ourselves to Jesus
Keep what we do simple, make it heartfelt, knowledge never changes us

Identify your problem, make an action plan, get busy
If you are on your own, find someone you admire, what did they do
Emulate their plan, our heart follows actions, do it, do it
It takes 30 days to make a habit, work you plan, work your plan

Everyone who calls upon the name Jesus will be saved, that means you
Failure is ever present no matter how well you’ve made your plan
But the Lord declares that we must not fear for He is with us
And He declares that it pleases Him to make us strong

What is the process? What must I do beyond a plan?
Focus on the future, why you’ve put this plan in place
Keep on working your plan, never stop, never stop
Success is always the next moment away, the Lord is here, follow Him

Write this plan down, it’s important
The dullest pencil is sharper than the brightest mind
When you’re hip deep in alligators, victory lies in knowing why you drained the swamp
A simple plan, well executed over a period spells success for you

Cleaning up your life takes time, make sure you plan covers at least a year
Build it out in small steps, it takes a while to eat an elephant, one bite at a time
Repetition wins the day, courage helps you stay the course
When you are sick and tired of being sick and tired, stay with Jesus

Good habits are built daily, read God’s Word as if your life depends on it, it does
Claim every one of the 7,000 plus promises you can find, hold them close
Pray, pray, pray – prayer works, because prayer changes you
It’s your life, change comes, Jesus is in charge, He loves you

Clay Corvin 5/13/17


Life changes, seasons come and go, it’s hard to know, how to go
In change misery is optional, joy and peace preferred
Just know for sure, nothing changes if nothing changes

Today I’m doing different, than a year ago, it was a difficult time
Now I’ve claimed the change, I’m writing it down, this is what I will do
I assure you, all the world will come against you, stand your ground

The Father rejoices in making you strong, speak to Him, yes Lord I claim YOU
Make it so Lord, Everyday a good day, it is my right, it is my destiny
Therefore today, this new creature in Christ, claims Jesus as my leader

Renew your mind, fill it with the Word, Jesus is Lord, have you heard
He will never leave you, whether you succeed or fail, Jesus loves you
You can know that the Lord is on your side

Change happens daily, a little here a little there, much will be accomplished
Reach out to your future, become today what you see yourself to be
Make up your mind, nothing changes if nothing changes

Clay Corvin   May 6, 2017



New day coming, a day of God’s presence, the land filled with His Word
Jesus called the people to obedience, do what the Lord God says
Listen to Him and obey, not your way but God’s way, that is the perfect way
Resulting in our success, God would that we succeed, He wants the best for us

Save now Oh Lord, save now, come Messiah, come Lord Jesus, we await your return
Jerusalem stirred, even the rocks would cry out as Jesus crosses the Mt of Olives
Riding on a donkey, a beast of burden, no challenge to Rome, He was coming home
Have you listened to Jesus? Have you accepted Him? One day Jesus is coming back

Jesus began with cleansing the temple, now as He enters Jerusalem
His first act is to cleanse the Temple, He infuriated the priests, Jesus wasn’t scared
He knew everything that would happen, He was zealous for His Father’s house
It was a place of worship and praise, not a place for evil, Christ claimed God’s House

We must look to our life. We are the Temple of the Lord, Do we act like it?
Have we surrendered our life? Or are we demanding control, becoming a den of iniquity?
Choose Christ, let Him cleanse your life, Jesus is Lord, He is powerful enough to help you
Obedience is our charge, resulting in praise and worship of the Lord

Jesus comes healing, what are your needs? Great needs? Great healing!
He walks among us, He carries us, guides us, enables us
We trust as little children, Christ is all and in all, we can do all things through Him
Now we know Him by faith but soon face to face and we will dwell with Him forever

Clay Corvin
April 8, 2017


WAKE UP (MT 28:1-20)

Rejoicing in the risen Lord, Praise God from whom all blessings flow
Christ is alive, He lives in us, we are so very grateful, our call to arms is now

Jesus came to show us how to live, His death paid our price for sin
Now the work needs to be done, every generation has evangelism to do, no grandkids in God’s family

Free, clean, holy, relaxed, assured-too many Christians live that way!
The truth is that there are too many lost dying and going to hell, people need Jesus!

We are saved for a purpose: to be the hands and feet and spokesperson for Jesus
Glorifying the Lord by spreading His Word, doing His work in the highways and byways of life

You are an agent of the Lord God Almighty, Christ is living in you and equips you
His work is dependent on your accepting His call to action, be busy telling the world about Jesus

Our testimony is our relationship, we talk about what Jesus has done in our life
I love Jesus because He first loved me, He is active in my life and guides me day by day

Cooperate with Jesus, get to know Him and get to know Him better, it is relationship
Be about His service, be available for divine appointments, Jesus is the reason for our hope

We are warriors, we are changed and blessed right here right now, not pie in the sky by and by
Right now, right here, Jesus uses us where we are and He is calling us to victorious service

Clay Corvin 4/1/17


Born – died, everything we do is in that little dash, everything
How can I make a contribution? I have no family fortune
I’m certainly not brilliant, in fact I question my own intellect
I learn slowly, repetition the key to most things I do well
Therefore if I am to contribute, how will I do it?

Believe in the Lord Jesus, trust in Him and He will do it, He will change you and equip you
Be firm and unwavering, seek those things that He is calling you to do, be devoted
God is calling us to be saved, we cannot have a spiritual relationship without salvation
The Lord wants to know you, not your success, or your sacrifice, He wants you
You have great value to the Father, Christ died for you, be resolute in your walk with Him

If you will walk with the Lord and know Him, He will put you to work, He has a plan for your life
Listen, He will talk with you, you will know it is Him if you have a growing relationship with Him
His direction will be perfect for you, your labors will be great but your satisfaction greater
The Lord is good, every thought He has towards you is a thought for good, know this
Let this encourage you in your hour of failure, success belongs to God, you do the work

Have a heart, a heart relationship with Jesus, let your passion be fueled by His love for people
Do not fear, The Lord is with you, He will never desert you, His work is not a burden
Jesus has a worldview, get to know it, people count with the Lord, period, love people
Claim change, we are easily manipulated by our heart, Jesus will change you, claim it
This thing you do is inextricably woven into your relationship with Jesus, be His hands and feet

Do not forget, the kingdom has a morality, forget applying it to the world, it applies to you
Surrender your heart and your wallet, give beyond your ability to give, kneel before Christ
Call out to Him, if you aren’t able to do your work without His intervention, check where you are
The world hates Jesus, it will hate you to, therefore you cannot carry out His plan in the flesh
You desperately need Christ, leading, guiding, encouraging, equipping, restoring, you need Jesus

The contribution you make will be in the people you serve, this is an eternal contribution
Jesus is Lord, He is Lord of the dash, He knows your heart better than you do
Christ also wants you to be able to serve every day of your life, not a burdened serving
Service that cares for those in need, in poverty, the alien, the hurting, those you hate or hate you
Your dash, your contribution, as a servant of the Lord Jesus Christ is in the lives of people

Clay Corvin 3/4/17



Jesus, Jesus, Jesus – the name that changes everything, He is my king
Why then does my life not reflect it, my words do, my life doesn’t
I’m nervous, or afraid or maybe just a worrier-everything I’m told I don’t have to be
Fearful of loud noises and things that go bump in the night, where is my courage

Jesus calls us to His glory, His excellence, He gives us all things pertaining to life
Wisdom, mercy, grace and understanding, what happened to me, Lord I need you
There is a call from Christ that is understood, change, become more like Jesus
I know it’s a process, a glorious, wonderful process, shepherded by Jesus Himself

We live in the midst of a perverse generation, the world hates Jesus, I want to change
Christ calls me to be a light bearer, to season the world with salt-my actions like Jesus
I am to be His hands and feet, Oh Lord right now I’m neither, what must I do to change?
To become more like you and less like me, Lord I’m on one knee, bring me near, I will follow you

Grow-change the ground upon which you are standing, be a student of the Word, let it sink in
Let His Word cultivate your mind and your heart, the heart is desperately wicked
The Word of God counsels the heart, monitors the mind, Lord create a clean heart in me
Jesus will make you pure, purity is the parade ground of a functioning servant of God

Glow-His purity in you will facilitate developing self-discipline, desire and passion seek control
Jesus gives you control for He lives in you, His presence will encourage perseverance
Perseverance experienced plumbs the depths of your soul, it becomes the iron will that faces life daily
Godliness becomes your default response, you believe and know you believe, Jesus is Lord

Glorify-God in you working out of you will give all honor and glory to God-It’s Jesus
Christ will connect with you, He will direct you, your life will be changed in every way
Now you become servant to all, genuine love for people in your heart, loving those you hate
The life you live, a life of love, caring for the helpless, unlovable and needy-Jesus loves through you

Day by day, remembering that Jesus died for my sin, I pick up my Cross and follow Him
Jesus is Lord of me, today, tomorrow and forever, I love Him
My love for Christ enables me to love, especially when I am not loved
I do what I can do, trusting Jesus with what I can’t do, I’m leaving His mark in the world

Clay Corvin

BE MY VALENTINE    February 14, 2017

Carol, be my Valentine this 49th year!

It is a great life – with great challenges – each year has new FIRSTS!

You never change – always caring, concerned and loving

How I have been so lucky I’ll never know


Carol, be my Valentine this 49th year

You are my heart – the very foundation of all I hold dear

Kind and gentle – Even when I’m gruff and impossible

Your wisdom guides me through – I need your understanding – it changes me


Carol, be my Valentine this 49th year

I get worn out quick – you are tireless and indefatigable – my rock

You listen – you hear – you stand with me

As I work through another issue – you are near and never bored – you make me feel valuable


Carol, be my Valentine this 49th year

No one knows the future – it doesn’t bother you

You know Jesus – He loves you – You love me

I love you – I loved you in 1968 and each years since – I love you now


Carol, be my Valentine this 49th year

If we are still on this Earth 20 more years (or 30 or more) – I will still love you

Children and grandchildren love you – I love you more!

Thank you Lord for your gift of Carol – Thank you for the opportunity to tell her how much I love her!


Clay Corvin – Our 49th Valentines Day!



Believe in the Lord Jesus Christ, you will be saved
No longer at the mercy of the world, a mean and evil place
The foolishness of His message, reaching out and saving those who believe

I believe in Jesus, a faith that preserves my soul
The same for you, for by grace are you saved, a gift of God so that none can boast
Vilified by the world, Jesus walked to the Cross, He saw your need and died for you

My life, my focus, proclaim the name of Jesus
It isn’t a preacher thing, it is a Christ believer thing
All of us, each one of us are to tell the story of Jesus-He is the Gospel

God’s Good News to Us, Jesus, He came that we might have life
He came to break the bondage of sin, it is a back breaking bondage
We cannot deal with it on our own, Jesus our Savior gives us life and light for living

If you confess with your mouth Jesus as Lord
Believe in your heart that the Father God raised Jesus from the dead
You will be saved and that is a promise from God

The Good News, the power of God for salvation to all who believe
A story that must be told-everyone needs to hear
Jesus has come and His coming saves us from a certain death and it is our right to choose

The Father would that all would be saved but they won’t
Tell everyone you see but remember you don’t save them you just tell them
The power of God in the Holy Spirit through the Lord Jesus Christ saves us-a free gift from God

We don’t judge, we don’t condemn-we love one another, we care for the orphan
We minister to those in prison, caring for the alien, giving all we have to help
But first and foremost we tell the story about Jesus-how He died and what He has done for us

Nobody knows another person’s trouble, but they certainly are troubled
Jesus knows our sorrow and He came that we might have life and that more abundantly
His free gift to you and me-life like the Father’s-life eternal

No longer in bondage to sin, we go and tell the story, of what Jesus has done for us
For when we were dead in our trespasses and sin Jesus died for you and me
His love saves us, His love saves whosoever calls upon His name, He is the Gospel

The Gospel-Jesus Christ is the good news of God coming to us because of our great need
Jesus changes everything-we are no longer slaves in bondage to sin-we are free
There is nothing the world can do to us-we belong to Jesus

Clay Corvin
February 4, 2017


God in Christ came to man, our great need so clear

All of us where hurting here, this place of pain and agony

Each day of life filled with sweat and tears, the world in need of a Savior


Jesus came in Bethlehem, the God/Man in a child’s form

Born as the least of us, filled with faith in the Father

He lived like us, at the mercy of the world, only His faith to guide Him home

Growing up hard working, He loved the Father without reservation

Sinless, perfect, all because of His absolute focus on God the Father

God with us, He walked among us, His word to us-TELL THE GOOD NEWS


Jesus came to the disciples walking on the water, showing God’s power available for us

Equipping us to deal with this moment’s decision, giving us the ability to cope

Able to deal with dangers, disasters and problems, He brings victory into our life

Nothing surprises the Father, life moves at a quick pace, Jesus calls us to TELL THE GOOD NEWS


Jesus came to the demoniac, overwhelmed in his sins, garbage to those who lived nearby

Beloved by Jesus, cleansed of his demons, in his right mind, in control of himself

Jesus makes the wrong right, He purifies us from our sin, He cleanses us

We are not alone, we are not at the mercy of the world, Jesus is with us-go TELL THE GOOD NEWS


Jesus came to the disciples in the Upper Room, He knew what they were thinking, the fear they felt

His peace, the peace of God, creates life, dispels fear

Jesus says to you, do not fear, go TELL THE GOOD NEWS


Jesus came to die on the cross, He paid the price for our sin

He lived a perfect, sinless life, Jesus was the sacrifice, He died for you and me, raised from the dead

By the power of God, Jesus is alive, Alive today interceding at the right hand of the Father

As we live in His presence, His encouraging word to us today is TELL THE GOOD NEWS


Clay Corvin    1/15/17




Gratitude is an action –not a position or a statement –it underscores our position
As humans, we often don’t see our self-centeredness – overlooking the important people in our life
Always on the go – grasping the golden ring – doing the next exciting thing
Faithfulness, focus, forgiveness, healing, caring, loving, taking second place seldom seen

Jesus was a listening friend- he knew our helplessness –as the world eroded our gifts
How difficult it was for us to focus on Him – how easily we are distracted
Often to our chagrin or hurt – missing cogent moments – when friendship is needed
Jesus never misunderstood His mission-it was to die on a cross, alone, except for the Father’s love

Jesus loved with a depth and thoroughness we cannot comprehend
From the Godhead, three in one, Jesus loved us before the foundation of the world
He knew our need for love-the desperate things we would do for it
How we would be overcome with pain and grief when unloved-therefore He loves us

A gracious teacher, Jesus knows the end of the story, He knows He is walking towards His death
Jesus was totally committed to do His Father’s will-committed to giving the Father all the glory
He knew you, He knew your sin, and still He died for you, He loves you this moment
He is the life, He is the light, He is the way, come let us walk with Him

Jesus spoke the truth, He was a wondrous speaker, He shared with us in story form
He knows our need, He knows our sorrow, He brings value and worth to our life
Calling us to Himself, He will give us the wisdom we need to live a full and vibrant life
Despite the heartache and disruption that each of us experience-life is hard

Jesus arrives in our life at just the right time-for some it’s early- for others it is later
He is the Savior of the World-He saves us from our sin-brings us into His Father’s house
We belong, we become members of God’s family, from now unto eternity
We will not die, for Jesus gives us eternal life, life like the Father

Jesus is seeking us-in our hour of hurt He comes-blessing, encouraging, providing
He will never let us go-He will never fail us-He calls us to pray-continually-always
Believe in Jesus-He believes in us-obey Him-trust His guidance
Talk with Him more, listen to Him completely and always, Jesus is Lord and He loves you

Jesus sees our hate, He knows our indifference, He feels our pain, He will not let you go
Religion fails, Jesus never fails, His will is that we succeed and He will help us
Our great problem is defining success-people count, people count with Jesus
Humility, gratitude, and forgiveness of others are certainly a major part of any success

The Compassionate One, He wept, He saw all of the sorrow that each of us would know
He prayed for us, He prayed for our life, He cared for us, as if we were the only one He had to care for
Our wondrous Lord, He brings us joy and peace, He covers us with His grace new each day
Jesus was raised from the grave, ascended to the Father and He is coming back for us

Come Lord Jesus, Come

Clay Corvin – December 17, 2016